Find a Kid-Friendly Bike Park or Pump Track

Bike parks and pump tracks are a fun and unique way to get kids to play and exercise outside! They’re also a great place to instill a love of riding at a very young age.  Riders of all ages love exploring the endless adventures bike parks offer, whether on their balance bike or pedal bike.

Markers are color-coded.  RED = BMX Track, BLUE = Indoor Bike Park, Orange = Outdoor track, LIGHT BLUE = Pumptrack


This map is not complete without your help! Please submit any kid-friendly bike parks or pump tracks in your area to and we’ll add them to the list!

Skateparks can also be a good place for bike riding, but while they work great for balance bikes (with the exception of the bowls), they don’t work well for a traditional, non-BMX bike.  As a result, we’ve only listed indoor and outdoor bike parks and pump tracks (although bike parks often include a skateboarding park as well).

Two Wheeling Tots
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